Maxwell Interior Designer(Mumbai) is one of the longest established interior design businesses in Mumbai metro city of India. The company offers interior design and home staging services to both private and commercial clients in all areas of Mumbai.

Our designers work on projects of every size and on every aspect of the design from initial architectural conception to the last finishing details of the completed project. We can also work on consultation basis advising on layouts, lighting, furniture, curtains, artwork, wall coverings, kitchens and bathrooms and any other relevant aspects of interior design. We are also happy to undertake project management.When you partner with Maxwell Interior Designers, you’ll immediately find how passionate we are about helping you meeting your needs and vision. Together we’ll develop desirable living environments that exceed your expectations.

Our Design Process is the execution of three distinct, critical steps to bring your design project to completion; Discover, Design, and Install. We discover your personality, design aesthetic, family and entertainment needs, your wants and desires, then we custom design every aspect of your project and install each element.Style, color, contrast, comfort, convenience, mood, beauty, aesthetic look, harmony and fit likely come to mind when considering a new design. The process of interior design concerns itself with more than just the visual or ambient enhancement of an interior space. It seeks to optimize and harmonize the uses to which the interior environment will be put.

The space, its dimension and construction plays a major role while formulating the design solution. How the space will be used–for work or leisure, entertainment or worship, healing or learning. During design process there are some important factors which are given practical considerations. The amount of light entering, proper ventilation, seating plan, the storage area, acoustics, the ease of access are to be give top priority for any interior design process. The interior design process is also focused on health & safety considerations, psychological & behaviour impact of design including attention to special needs, environmental impact of the design.

About Our Team

To get great results, you need good people. We place a high value on our supply chain and have worked hard to develop long-term relationships with a select group of companies who act as an extension of our team and standard bearers for our brand. Our design specialists work closely with you to learn about your needs and to understand your specific issues.  With the flexibility of our designs, your input becomes our output.

We believe that the best acknowledgement of our success can be found in the strong relations we have formed with our clients. Repeat business forms the growing majority of our business. Excellent customer service has always been at the core of our approach and it continues to be our number one priority.

Our team of interior designers not only takes the time to understand your vision, we have the resources and expertise to bring it to life in your own space. Whether your taste is modern, contemporary, traditional or transitional, our team has the ability to assist you effectively. Regardless of space type or budget, being in business for many years allows our team to provide a seamless design process from concept to completion

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