Modular Kitchen

Benefits of a Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen, a concept which has revolutionized Indian kitchens and made it easy for you to organize every single item in your cooking area. One of the most important reasons behind the evolution of this concept of modular kitchen designs is to get a clutter-free and well organized kitchen area, no matter you have a small home or a spacious one…a modular kitchen is for every home owner.

The requirement of a modular kitchen varies from person to person, but when it comes to planning a kitchen, initially, it is a bit confusing as there are too many options in terms of PRODUCTS, ACCESSORIES, COLOURS, DESIGN & above all BUDGET.


Before I jump to modular kitchen designs, let me first explain what it actually means?  A modular kitchen is a layout with pre-manufactured modules or parts for effective and efficient use of the space provided in the kitchen. Its layout and design completely depends upon the available space in your kitchen.

Modular kitchen is completely bigger leap in manufacturing technology. The machine finish which you get in modular kitchen is not possible with a carpenter trying to work on your kitchen.Modular kitchen parts are made using costly machine, that adds to cost. Modular kitchens although pretty popular but are still in early years in India.

The other thing which you should take in to factor is that a carpenter will spend month or so working inside your home. Whereas when you choose modular kitchen – everything gets manufactured in factory. And in 2 – 3 days whole kitchen & cabinet gets assembled inside your home.

The installation of a modular kitchen involves the floor and the walls as well; the cabinets and the storage units in this designer kitchen are made up of same elements and designed for a comfortable use, where you will find smart ideas for storing kitchen accessories.


If you are building an independent house it is easier to plan a modular kitchen well in advance with the help of professionals to appropriately suit your needs.You can renovate your old kitchen with the help of professionals & modernize it to be more functional and suitable for your requirements. Either way it is possible to get a modular kitchen you have always craved for.

The finish & looks you get with modular kitchen are far more cleaner then a carpenter making a custom kitchen furniture all from scratch inside your home.

Baskets & shutters for modular kitchen which are machine pressed are cleaner in looks and design than what a carpenter can deliver working at your home.

If you have ever visited any showroom displaying modular kitchen you must have got impressed with the look & feel. A carpenter cannot give you same finish.

Installation of a Modular Kitchen

The first step to start the transformation of your kitchen is to design your modular kitchen and then proceed with the cabinets. It takes around 2-3 days to complete the installation, depending upon the area and size of the kitchen you have.

The installation of kitchen cabinets can be easily done by yourself or you can order your modular kitchen from your nearest dealer, which will take around 3 to 4 weeks for your complete purchase order transaction.

The good news is that, modular kitchens are now available in India as well. All you need to do is search for your nearest provider, select your color scheme and place the order. Rest of the work is done by the service provider to complete the measurement and installation process.


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